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Research and Reviews: Advancement in Robotics HRBP Publication

Suraj Kumar Sah, Rabina Shrestha, Mala Deep Upadhaya, & Manish Pokharel. (2021). "The Role of AI on Jobs, Human Rights, and Education during Pre and Post COVID-19 Pandemic. Research and Reviews: Advancement in Robotics"


M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
IIT Gandhinagar

Some major involved courses :
  • Algorithms, Computer Systems
  • BSc. Computer Science Kathmandu University

    Some major involved courses :
  • C, C++ Programming, Data Structure, Operating System, Algorithm and complexity, Graph Theory, Operational Research, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, System Analysis and Design, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Software Dependability
  • High School Science Sainik Awasiya Mahavidhyalaya


    Work Experience

    Associate Software Engineer at CedarGate Technologies

    June 2021 - Present
    Responsibility :
    • Development on Java, programming, debugging
    • Woked on Hadoop data processing, AWS, Elastic Search

    Associate Software Engineer at F1Soft International

    December 2020 - June 2021
    Responsibility :
    • Worked on Java Programming
    • Woked on Spring-boot framework on API Integration, MY SQL
    • REST API, JPA , ORM, Web services, PostMan
    • Github, GitLab

    Software Developer Internship at Rasello Pvt. Ltd

    August 2020-December 2020
    Responsibility :
    • Worked on Java Programming
    • Woked on Spring-boot, PostgreSQL
    • REST API, JPA , ORM, Web services
    • Github, Bitbucket

    Digital Learning Research Lab Kathmandu University

    Responsibility :
    • Cognitive Science on OLT(Online Teaching Learning)
    • Artificial Inelligence and Human Rights

    Recent Works

    Awareness Program

    The awareness programm was conducted for children and Young people. By providing them the safe use of internet and some of the precaution to follow if they are abuse.

    The training is being conducted as a part of the ChildSafeNet. We discussed serious issues, such as cyber grooming, cyberbullying, online child sexual abuse and exploitation, sextortion, live streaming of sexual abuse/exploitation and phishing.

    • Cyber Bullying
    • Online child abuse
    • child sexual abuse

    Program was succesfully conducted at "Baylor Int School"

    Program was succesfully conducted at "Baylor Int School".

    Provided Training

    The training was conducted by NS-Devil wiWorked as a Sub-trainer for the secondary level school's teacher, & staff from various schools to use U-Learning box, Smart Tray for optimum teaching experience. Collaboration with Chinju National University of Education.(Korea)

    We provide training on how to apply Ubiquitous Based Learning cloud system for learning mechanism to primary school's teachers.

    • Ubiquitous Learning
    • cloud system

    Program was succesfully conducted at Pulchwok campus at ICT

    Program was succesfully conducted at Pulchwok campus at ICT .

    Training of Trainers

    The Training of Trainers program was conducted through ChildSafeNet(NGO) in collaboration with "Red Circle Solutions" and "Digital Broadcast Initiative" Equal Access for creating awarness on "Cyber Safety For Children and Young People"

    We(Trainers) are provided with the information that how can we deliver proper guidance and awareness among childrena and young people

    Four days training was succesfully conducted on safer internet day.

    Volunteer Experiences

    Nepali Women in Computing

    Executive Broad Member

    • -Connect, inspire and guide women in tech
    • -Run monthly meeting and learn in circle

    NS- Devil


    • -Conducted Training on Ubiquitous Based Learning cloud system
    • -Provided skills to use U-Learning box

    Training of Trainers

    Organized Awareness Program on (Cyber saftey for children)

    • -Provided information on safer use of Internet
    • -Provided awareness on child abuse
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